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6 Reasons You Should Consider a Reflexology Session

Meet Bradley Openshaw, Your Certified Reflexologist

What is Reflexology and How Does it Work?

Reflexology History and Application

Reflexology is an alternative medicine that is said to originate from ancient Chinese and Egyptian natural healing arts. It involves the application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion in attempt to trigger corresponding body organs.


How and Why Reflexology Works

The reflexologist's application of pressure to feet, hands, or ears sends a calming message from the peripheral nerves in these extremities to the central nervous system, which in turn brings internal organs and their systems into a state of optimum functioning and increases blood supply.


The Benefits of Choosing Reflexology Pretoria

  • Mobile Sessions

    I come to you. No need for you to add to your existing stress driving around.

  • Free Consultation

    Let’s make sure we’re a good fit first. Our initial interaction is thus complementary.

  • Lifestyle Guidance

    I provide all my clients will individualised lifestyle recommendations that work.

  • Ongoing Support

    I enjoy being there for my clients. No matter what the circumstance.

What Others Are Saying About Reflexology Pretoria

A reassuring and instructive experience combining the esoteric with 'Everyman' common sense. I highly recommend a reflexology session to anyone who hasn't gone the alternative route.

Mark Gory
Mark Gory Self Mostly, Inc

For years I've been struggling to cope with my arthritis, and since I started doing reflexology, my sleeping patterns have improved and the pain particularly in my wrists have diminished substantially. If not for pain management, I would highly recommend it as the perfect time-out for one's own health.

Fabricio Rodriguez
Fabricio Rodriguez PropWorx, Pty Ltd

My husband and I received reflexology sessions from Bradley weekly for a couple of months. We could immediately feel a difference in our sleeping patterns. He was able to pin point what possible health issues were causing specific symptoms we had, which allowed us to take corrective actions.

Charlene Raath
Charlene Raath Investec

After every single session, conducted professionally, I felt revitalised and my energy levels went up. I would recommend anyone to use reflexology as part of their health regime. It's a must for me.

Rudolph Olivier
Rudolph Olivier Best Med, Pty Ltd

What Optimal Health Through Reflexology Will Cost You

R300Per Session
  • - Free Lifestyle Consultation
  • - 1 x 45/60min Reflexology Session
  • - Individualised Lifestyle and Nutrition Advice
  • - In Home Session
R7503 Sessions (SAVE R150)
  • - Free Lifestyle Consultation
  • - 3 x 45/60min Reflexology Sessions
  • - Individualised Lifestyle and Nutrition Advice
  • - In Home Sessions
R9504 Sessions (SAVE R250)
  • - Free Lifestyle Consultation
  • - 4 x 45/60min Reflexology Sessions
  • - Individualised Lifestyle and Nutrition Advice
  • - In Home Sessions

What's the Process? How Does Reflexology Pretoria Work?

  • STEP #1: Inquire

    Leave your details, or book a session via email above, or use the widget at the bottom right.

  • STEP #2: Book Consult

    We will contact you to confirm a suitable time for your free in-person consultation.

  • STEP #3: Assessment

    If we’re a good match, we will schedule your first session and provide you with banking details.

  • STEP #4: Payment

    As soon as you’ve made payment, we will begin with your first session and take it from there.

Reflexology Pretoria Frequently Asked Questions

Reflexology Related

Does reflexology massage therapy hurt? +

While a reflexology session can be very relaxing, you may experience tenderness or sensitivity in particular areas. This is a good thing as it may indicate imbalances and guides the reflexologist toward restoration.

How many reflexology massage sessions will I need? +

The number of sessions vary relative to the specific outcomes and conditions of the individual. But most of my clients seem to benefit most after a minimum of 3 sessions.

Who will benefit most from reflexology massage therapy? +

Physical imbalance does not discriminate. Research shows that no matter the age or condition, all seem to benefit equally. Every individual however may respond differently to the treatment.

I am pregnant. Is reflexology safe to do during this period? +

Yes it’s totally safe and really beneficial during pregnancy, however you do need to wait until your 13th week when the placenta is fully established.

Process Related

Do you offer sessions outside of Pretoria? +

Yes! But I charge an additional fee in order to cover my fuel costs. Centurion? Add an extra R50 to each session. Johannesburg? An extra R100.

What are reflexology times and availablity? +

I offer sessions everyday (except Sundays) in the afternoons and evenings. Depending on the location and client, I do some morning sessions as well.

What happens if I need to cancel? +

Unfortunately I need to charge a cancellation fee of at least a R100 as a mobile reflexologist. Unless you notify me at least 24hours in advance.

What do I need to prepare? What should I wear? +

The whole point of being a mobile reflexologist is that you don't add to your existing stress by driving around, sorting your calender etc. All you need to do is to wear something comfortable and prepare to take some time for yourself.

"The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind." - Paracelsus


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We value your privacy and would never spam you

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